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Kaleidoscope is an anthology of Ms. Waterman's writing from 2007 to 2020, including short stories, vignettes, and excerpts from longer works. All attempt to explore the ineffable, to celebrate the enigmatic. The very process of crystallizing these experiences and musings into language has endowed them with a strange and unanticipated logic.

In “The Queen of Heaven,” you’ll encounter characters like the Oracle, obsessed with and consumed by death, and in “The Temple,” a young woman as she follows a golden cord through the marble palace of her psyche. You’ll meet the Swan Dancer, who dances her way to stardom through heartbreak, and the White Queen, who inexplicably changes bodies with her sister each year. The line separating fact and fiction is more than blurred; it wanders here and there and sometimes disappears altogether.

Ms. Waterman hopes this collection will serve as an invitation for you to leaf through your own book of myths and icons. And, perhaps, to take some reassurance from the prospect of Beauty, lying in wait.


Photographs & Writing
Color cover, black & white interior

Features & Details
Project Option: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
# of Pages: 78
Publish Date: Dec 15, 2020