• Moneygame is coming Fall 2021

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Available for pre-sale

It's finally here!

Moneygame will be released this fall as a 8x11 inch hardbound coffee table art book, in a first edition of 500 copies. The book includes never-before-seen photographs; bedazzled women soaring on poles, doing headstands on the stage, laughing in the dressing room…. and of course, rolling in money. Counting it, sweeping it, earning it. The world of these powerful women will leave you inspired.

“Many of the strippers that Waterman photographed had never worked with a woman photographer. She says most clubs tend to hire men to make their promotional images….”

Marigold Warner, Editor at British Journal Photography

"Her latest is a collection of photographs spanning the last four years and going behind the scenes and onto the stages of America’s most notable strip clubs.... Her goal with this project is to create something that peers inside a world people haven't seen before..."

Gabrielle Swan, Blogger, Chloe Is My Alias